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Fluentgrid to implement Advanced Data Analytics for NTPC

Fluentgrid received the mandate to implement an Advanced Data Analytics and Visualization Platform for the Indian power generation major NTPC Limited. The project will be delivered leveraging Fluentgrid Actilligence™ platform on top of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2019 Big Data & AI Platform along with on-premise DC in two phases.

First phase scope of work includes assimilation and integration of data/data discovery or formation of data lake/ data warehouse, analytics or reporting and dashboard functions and the second phase work includes implementation of advanced analytics, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The data source agnostic platform collates data from various sources of different departments under the ambit of Director (Operations) like for example Operations Services, Fuel Management, Fuel Transportation, Safety, Environment Management, Ash Management, etc.

NTPC Limited, formerly known as National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, is India’s largest energy conglomerate with roots planted way back in 1975 to accelerate power development in India. Since then it has established itself as the dominant power major with presence in the entire value chain of the power generation business.

NTPC is ranked No. 2 Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Platts Top 250 Global Energy Company rankings. The total installed capacity of the company is 65,810 MW (including JVs). Own stations include 24 coal based, 7 gas based, 1 Hydro 1 Wind 13 Solar and 1 Small hydro plant. Under JV, NTPC has 9 coal based, 4 gas based and 13 renewable energy projects. The capacity will have a diversified fuel mix and by 2032, non fossil fuel based generation capacity shall make up nearly 30% of NTPC’s portfolio.

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