As the technology space is increasingly becoming complex and diverse, it has become difficult to build and manage teams with wide range of skills to maintain and enhance various systems in an enterprise.

Having built and managed complex enterprise systems for large power utilities and smart cities for the past two decades, we leverage our enterprise integration platform, integration tools and methodologies coupled with robust process frameworks to offer you total peace of mind.

Featured Services

We provide entire application lifecycle services including web and mobile app development, maintenance, modernization and cloud migration leveraging SMAC technologies.

We help you adapt to the new age continuous delivery paradigm leveraging DevOps by bringing together the business users, developers, and IT teams in a way that you can quickly respond to continuously changing customer needs.

We help you automate testing of web and mobile apps and service APIs and make them a part of your DevOps lifecycle along with automated code quality reviews for low risk and sustainable quality control.

Fluentgrid EIP™

Fluentgrid uses its enterprise integration platform, Fluentgrid EIP™, to quickly build and deploy advanced technology solutions in integration with other systems and services. Fluentgrid EIP™ is in use in many large enterprises across the world and continues to evolve incorporating the lessons learnt and best practices from our global scale projects.

Fluentgrid’s EIP is built on Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) components such as Enterprise Service Bus, Message Queue, API Management, Service Registry and modern ETL tools etc. Data consistency across the enterprise and security are the challenges in Service Oriented and Microservices architectures. Keeping this in mind, we built this platform to overcome all the challenges in enterprise integration. Fluentgrid EIP™ offers several features like Retry Mechanism, Circuit Breaker, XA Transactions, WAF (Web Application Firewall), Rate limit and API management etc. to make the microservices more Resilient and Fault Tolerant.

EIP also enables seamless integration of discrete systems by leveraging integration patterns and middleware components. Fluentgrid EIP™ leverages the capabilities of Web Services, Messaging, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) architectures, adapters for Integration with external systems in a distributed environment.