Whether you are a large enterprise looking to digitize your operations, a utility company aiming to modernize your infrastructure, or a government agency seeking to deliver citizen-centric services, our Enterprise & Mobility Solutions cater to diverse needs and deliver tangible results.


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Fluentgrid EAM™

Fluentgrid EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) is a powerful and comprehensive works and asset management solution designed to help organizations efficiently manage their assets throughout their lifecycle. With Fluentgrid EAM, businesses can optimize asset performance, increase operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and make data-driven decisions to maximize return on investment.

Fluentgrid MWM™

Fluentgrid MWM (Mobile Workforce Management) is a versatile solution designed to streamline and optimize the management of mobile workforce. Fluentgrid MWM enables organizations to effectively plan, assign, track, and analyze field activities, resulting in improved productivity, enhanced customer service, and efficient resource utilization. It comes with an add-ons enterprise mobility server including an enterprise app store.

Fluentgrid MWM™

Fluentgrid MWM is a feature rich mobile workforce management product with 360 degree view on jobs, staff and resources; facilitating continuous real time monitoring, rule based job assignments and reassignments, two-way communication with field staff, and performance analysis. It also comes with an add-on enterprise mobility server including an enterprise app store.

Fluentgrid OCC™

Fluentgrid OCC (Omnichannel Contact Center) is suitable for organizations of all sizes and industries that prioritize delivering exceptional customer experiences across multiple channels. It helps organizations streamline contact center operations, improve agent efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction through a unified and integrated contact center platform.

Fluentgrid DMS™

With Fluentgrid DMS (Document Management System), businesses can efficiently capture, store, organize, retrieve, and secure their documents, enabling better control over information, increased productivity, and enhanced compliance. Experience the power of efficient document management with Fluentgrid DMS and unlock the full potential of your organization’s information assets.

Fluentgrid IdAM™

Fluentgrid IdAM (Identity and Access Management) offers a robust set of features and functionalities to effectively manage user identities, enforce access controls, and protect critical resources. It helps organizations enhance security, streamline access management processes, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Experience the power of secure and efficient identity and access management with Fluentgrid IdAM and strengthen your organization’s security posture.

Fluentgrid GIS™

Fluentgrid GIS is a versatile software solution for energy & infrastructure organizations. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities that leverage the power of geographic information system (GIS) technology to optimize asset management, network operations, and decision-making processes. Fluentgrid GIS empowers organizations to optimize their operations, enhance asset performance, and deliver reliable services thereby achieving operational excellence.

Fluentgrid Helpdesk™

Fluentgrid Helpdesk is a robust and ITIL compliant software solution designed to streamline and enhance IT service management processes within organizations. It provides a centralized platform to effectively manage and resolve IT incidents, service requests, and problems, enabling efficient communication, timely resolution, and improved customer satisfaction.

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