Touching over a quarter billion lives!


Fluentgrid Limited is a turnkey smart energy and infrastructure solutions company with globally acclaimed software products. We are facilitating the global movement towards smart grids and smarter cities for a sustainable planet and happy people.


Power utilities


Smart cities


Million consumers

Inspired by nature and science

The Fluentgrid logo represents interconnected smart utility and communication grids forming an abstract butterfly shape, perhaps the most spectacular example of transformation known to humans.

Structurally, the graphic also represents a Mobius strip, which is the best representation of infinity and continuity in the physical world. Put together, the logo aptly represents our credo of seamless digital transformation of our customer businesses leveraging smart grid technologies.

The tagline ‘seamless digital transformation’ captures the essence of a game-changer that rewrites the way things are done. Fluent or smooth transition from old to new, without the uncertainties often associated with change.

Fluentgrid Value Triangle

Innovation to always find new ways to address customer pain points

Sustainability to make long lasting positive impact in everything we do

Equanimity to be steadfast in creating value for our customers, against all odds

Historical Timeline

There have been good number of milestones and magical moments in our transformational journey.

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