Touching over 100 million citizens for a sustainable planet.

We have been on a long journey since 1998, transforming energy & water utilities and cities & communities to become more process-oriented, operations savvy, customer-centric and of course profitable.

All that knowledge and best practices are now embedded into our software products and services, our solution offerings and our implementation approach; that results in the seamless digital transformation of utilities and cities for a sustainable future.

Fluent Vision

UN projects that 70% of the world’s population would live in urban areas by 2050. The challenge is to accommodate that growth in a sustainable way.

We envision an omnipresent smart grid nervous system in an urban landscape that runs all the utilities like power, water, gas, sewage, solid waste, street lighting, transportation, communication, etc., paving the way for sustainable communities and better quality of life with people participation.

Our vision is to be the leading urban technology solutions provider for sustainable urbanization; backed by industry thought leadership, proven products, innovative solutions, precise delivery and reliable support.

Quality Focus

Backed by ISO certified process frameworks, CMMI L5 compliance, agile solution delivery models and unflinching customer support; we implement our solutions in a time bound manner with least disruption to ongoing business and long term commitment to support our solutions.


Fluentgrid’s passion for excellence and commitment to customer success brought home many laurels from customers, analysts, industry bodies and the government.

Industry Associations

We have been actively working with industry bodies to help the government in decision making and standardization while shaping the industry thought process for universal benefit.

Creating Shared Value (CSV)

We care about the communities and people that accommodate us and our customer organizations. We organize our CSV activities through our charitable trust Ananda Cityzen Trust. Cityzen works towards fostering people-centric, technology-supported smart city movement for sustainable and resilient communities. Cityzen strives to involve citizens and citizen groups along with optimal use of technology to realize the smart city vision with happier people.

Promising Career Path

Fluentgrid is an urban technology solutions company with a global presence and its own software products, leveraging technology innovation to realize the vision of smart grids and smart cities. Leading edge technologies like cloud, mobile, analytics, social networking, gamification, augmented/virtual/mixed reality, drones, sensors, IoT, AI, machine learning, chatbots, voice bots, etc., are part of the everyday lingo for Fluentians.

With that kind of a learning and exploratory environment, you will have the freedom to experiment with new technologies, contribute to proof-of-concepts, compete in hackathons and even become an intrapreneur. Apart from a safe and comfortable work environment, Fluentians get an equal opportunity to learn, contribute and grow.

Every Fluentian, irrespective of their department, thoroughly understands the value delivered by us to our customers, take pride in that and actively contributes to customer success. Fluentians derive satisfaction from transforming our customers’ business and improving the lives of people around the world through our smart energy and smart city solutions.