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mPower™ Smart Utility Product Suite is now IBM SAFE Validated

mPower MDMS™ from mPower Utility™ Suite has been tested and validated as part of the IBM Solution Architecture for Energy and Utilities Framework (SAFE).

The IBM Solution Architecture for Energy and Utilities Framework provides foundation for solutions across the energy and utility value chain. It’s a powerful software platform for the management and integration of a utility’s assets and information to help drive business agility and intelligent network transformation. IBM’s Industry Frameworks combine the power of award winning IBM software with industry-specific assets and best practices configured to meet an industry’s unique challenges and needs. IBM Industry Frameworks help clients deploy business solutions faster while lowering project cost and risk.

Phoenix IT Solutions Ltd has partnered with IBM to harness the power and flexibility of the most versatile IBM Expert Integrated Systems. Phoenix ported its virtualized mPower MDMS™ product suite on to the IBM Pure Apps system making it quick, easy and economical to deploy, scale and monitor utility solutions. mPower MDMS™ is Ready for IBM Tivoli Certified product and helps its customers with customized agent for monitoring essential services – Hardware, Operating System, Database and Application stack.

mPower MDMS™ Smart Utility Product Suite is well known in the industry as the most flexible utility solution that can be deployed through quick configuration and least amount of customization. mPower MDMS™ is a unique solution based on BI technologies. It uses complex algorithms to process the metering data through VEE routines and then expose the data for billing and analytical purposes by using Enterprise Integration techniques. Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine unearths exceptions for accurate fraud detection & revenue assurance and analytical features available in mPower MDMS™. It helps utilities to monitor key performance indicators on the metering data. mPower MDMS™ facilitates What If scenario analysis and forecasting in relation to external parameters like weather, inflation and other economic factors.

mPower MDMS™ has been tested and validated by IBM for ease of use and compatibility. As validated solutions, they are easier and faster to implement for utility companies delivering quantifiable business results and support their strategic roadmap to achieve increased innovation, agility and competitive advantage.

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