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The CMMI L5 Appraisal – Another Feather in Fluentgrid’s Cap

After a decade of conscious and active efforts to achieve excellence in process execution and delivery, Fluentgrid’s software projects division has been appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 5 of the CMMI Institute.

Created at Carnegie Mellon University, the CMMI program tracks various process levels and guides improvements in their functionality, expansion, and end results. The CMMI defines various maturation levels, from one through five, and awards appraisals for an organisation’s procedural capabilities. These appraisals are achieved through a capacity to respond to changes rapidly and effectively, an empowered workforce, and advanced methods of enhancing and sharing learning within a firm.

From ensuring consistency and quality, to weaving innovation into the fabric of an institution’s business goals and objectives, the strategies an enterprise follows must remain not just efficient, but constantly developing.

Therefore, as the first IT company to attain the highest CMMI rating level in Andhra Pradesh, Fluentgrid is honoured to be rated at CMMI Maturity Level 5 and looks forward to bringing the future to India, today. Though these global standards entail immense responsibility, they enable exponential progress on both national and global fronts.

In a world of perpetual growth, Fluentgrid looks to improve business practices in a sustainable, calculated manner, hence initiating and sustaining India’s seamless transformation into a growing technological hub.

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