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Fluentgrid’s COVID-19 Command Center to the rescue in Lucknow

The Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) deployed by Fluentgrid for Lucknow Smart City was converted into a COVID-19 Command Center overnight. Additional epidemic response functionalities were in the next two days with COVID19 specific data integrations, map visualizations, analytical dashboards, incident types, SOPs and KPIs.

The full-fledged pandemic response center was launched by Shri Mukesh Kumar Meshram, IAS, Divisional Commissioner, Shri Abhishek Prakash, IAS, District Magistrate, Dr Indramani Tripathi, Lucknow Municipal Commissioner & CEO, LSCL, Er. Mohd Zaidi, DGM, LSCL along with other officials at the Lucknow City Operations Center (COC).

COVID-19 specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) include the ones for Preparedness, Response and Relief, Mild & Moderate Symptomatic Cases, Critical Symptoms and Suspected Cases. COVID-19 dashboard highlights the number of total confirmed/active/recovered and death cases against each zone/ward. Dashboard also provides details of tests being conducted.

COVID-19 data is populated on GIS maps with several layers like Foreign Returnees, Self-Quarantine, Hotspots, Spraying Activity, Ambulances Tracking, etc., The epidemic response center (ERC) provides reports on Survey Details, Foreign Returnees, Rapid Response Team (RRT) Doctors, Sample Collection and Spraying Activities.

A fleet of ambulances and other vehicles assigned for COVID-19 activities are being tracked through an application round the clock. The ERC facilitates daily follow up the with RRT doctors on action taken against complaints received.

Citizen Mobile App is upgraded with self-diagnosis and self-quarantine features to reduce strain on public healthcare system. The ERC helps spread awareness on instructions and guidelines to prevent COVID-19 incidences in social media and through public announcement system and variable message displays. Civic grievances are registered against excessive pricing of essential commodities, sprinkling/spraying of disinfectants, etc.,

Lucknow Municipal Commissioner and CEO Dr Indramani Tripathi appreciated the efforts of Fluentgrid team for the quick turnaround and their continued commitment beyond call of duty to help the city with evolving requirements as the situation unfolds.

Globally, many nations have imposed lockdown in response to COVID-19 pandemic, which should help avoid the worst from happening, but the exit from lockdown must be gradual until the virus is fully contained and eliminated. During these times, Fluentgrid ERC solution would play a key role in continuously monitoring and arresting any further outbreaks.

Fluentgrid is open to extend its support to other cities, states and national governments also to establish a centralized epidemic response center to address this pandemic and other threats in future.


The greatest advantage of Fluentgrid ERC solution is to facilitate adherence to uniform standard operating procedures in fighting the epidemic including tracing, testing, isolation, treatment, reporting, etc., Fluentgrid products and tools used to deploy ERC solutions are:

  • Integrated Command Control Center (ICCC) for real time monitoring, analytics, command and control
  • Field Responder Mobile App for staff and volunteers on the field to trace suspects, quarantine them, conduct field risk assessment survey, move to isolation centers, handle logistics, feed the needy, and so on.
  • Citizen Mobile App and Chatbots for citizen engagement, self-diagnosis, telemedicine, quarantine reporting and tracking, enlisting volunteers, donations, SOS, etc.,
  • Citizen Portal for information dissemination, quarantine reporting, self-diagnosis, donations, SOS, etc.,
  • Emergency Contact Center to report incidents, seek help, Telemedicine based automated conference call, quarantine tracking, bulk messaging over phone, SMS, social media and other channels
  • NoQ – Queue Management System is a highly effective tool proposed to enforce social distancing allowing citizens to avoid queues and visit a hospital, common service center, ration shop, or any other public place at a pre-scheduled time slot

Fluentgrid Actilligence™ is the leading COTS product platform that accelerates delivery of integrated command and control center (ICCC) solutions for smart cities and Epidemic Response Center (ERC) solutions for governments. It facilitates easy integration of 3rd party products, solutions and devices with open APIs. The product’s platform architecture is inherently scalable to ever increasing users, devices, integrations, data and processing demands.


Fluentgrid Limited is the leading provider of smart energy and smart city technology solutions as a turnkey system integrator. Some of our products including the Actilligence platform are featured in analyst reports such as Gartner and Navigant. Process frameworks compliant with CMMI L5, PCMM, ISO 9001, ISO 20,000 and ISO 27001 empower Fluentgrid to successfully deliver reliable and sustainable solutions, always on time.

Robust products backed by mature process frameworks coupled with two decades of industry expertise facilitate seamless transformation of customer businesses with lower TCO and faster RoI. With a footprint spanning five continents, serving over 50 million end users, Fluentgrid is touching the lives of hundreds of millions of citizens globally through its technology solutions and services.

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