New Delhi Municipal Council

New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is regarded as the seat of central authority of India, comprising some of our country’s most iconic government buildings such as Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament House, and Supreme Court. Efficient and effective functioning of municipal services in this area is critical for the internal image of the country.

NDMC has been serving its esteemed consumers with utilities such as power, water etc. As part of its futuristic efforts to improve services for its consumers, NDMC pioneered in smart metering implementation in the country, under prestigious schemes of the Ministry of Power. This makes NDMC the first in India to implement 100% smart metering.

Smart Metering

Smart meters are part of the overall Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that measures and records consumers’ electricity usage at different times of the day and sends this information to the energy supplier through over-the-air communication technologies (e.g. GPRS and RF). This gives consumers better access to information and enables them to make more informed decisions on the use of electricity in their homes, leading to reduced power wastage, and providing long-term carbon and financial savings.

NDMC Smart Metering

India is striving to become a low-carbon-footprint economy and an energy-secure nation. Every utility in the country is implementing schemes of the Ministry of Power, Government of India to ensure that the above-mentioned objectives are realized at the earliest. Apart from the macro level objectives, each utility is also working on business objectives aligned with improving customer experience and ramping up revenue through implementation of IT transformation projects.


  • Reduction in AT&C losses
  • Efficient management of electricity by getting rid of billing inefficiencies, reducing cost of manual reading
  • Empowering consumers with more information on energy habits, consumption pattern
  • Investment of saved funds (through smart metering initiative benefits) into value-added services for consumers

Implementing smart meters is one of the operational performance parameters under the Government of India’s Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana (UDAY), which would help in reducing AT&C losses. It will also help in monitoring round-the-clock power supply, eventually leading to realization of the Government of India’s vision of 24X7 power for all. NDMC, through its agreement with EESL procured Fluentgrid’s AMI products – Fluentgrid™ Unified Head End System (UHES) and Fluentgrid™ Meter Data Management System (MDMS), other consumer-facing solutions – Consumer portal, and mobile app for its consumers along with Fluentgrid™ Insight for analytics under the smart metering project. The AMI solutions were deployed in a short span of three months, handling more than 50,000 consumers currently, and the project was officially launched on January 9, 2019 by the Hon’ble Energy Minister of India Shri. R.K. Singh.

The Benefits

  • Timely Information to consumers about their energy consumption through detailed and personalized insights
  • Information at the fingertips of consumers through NDMC 311 mobile app and portal
  • Enhanced consumer satisfaction due to better grievance handling – faster restoration of outages, awareness of optimized consumption pattern
  • An estimated annual savings of *12.47 Crores for NDMC along with carbon savings
  • Reduced power wastage with better control in the hands of consumers
  • Improvement in overall system stability, reliability and transparency. Better reliability through automation of the manual business operational activities such as metering and billing.

*Source – NDMC has become the first distribution company (DISCOM) in India with 100% smart metering solution