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Fluentgrid leads global digital transformation in energy, utilities, and smart cities via robust software solutions. Our proven COTS products cater to commercial, operational, and analytical needs of utilities and communities. Noteworthy products like CIS, MDMS, and Actilligence® feature in Gartner and Guidehouse Insight reports. CMMI L5, ISO compliant process frameworks drive on-time, sustainable solutions. Backed by over two decades of expertise, our robust products and frameworks ensure seamless customer business transformation with lower TCO and faster RoI.

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Value Proposition

Focused on smart energy and infrastructure sectors. Over two decades of domain expertise in these focus areas

Robust products matured from hands-on field expertise making them easy to use and faster to implement

The whole nine yards from consulting to solution design to implementation and support from a single vendor

We ensure customer satisfaction with unwavering support and 100% success rate in implementing projects since inception

Future-proof technology solutions with home grown products. Lower TCO and faster RoI


Power Utilities


Smart cities


Million Consumers

Success Stories

First Indian municipality to go for 100% AMI
New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is regarded as the seat of central authority of India
APDCL – The most comprehensive smart grid project under NSGM
Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) is the state wide utility
Lodha Palava Smart Prepaid Metering Solution
Lodha Group envisioned its Palava City, near Mumbai

Power & Utility Solutions

Future-proof smart energy solutions with utility operations center powered by Actilligence.

City & Infrastructure Solutions

Pioneering technology solutions integrated with command and control center for seamless digital transformation


We believe our business, technology and implementation partners are the key to deliver on our promises.



Fluentgrid’s Meter Data Management System (MDMS) empowers utilities to maximize the value derived from meter data organization-wide. By efficiently processing data from various devices in the smart grid ecosystem, Fluentgrid MDMS ensures easy accessibility for both internal and external systems, supporting VEE, aggregations, event subscriptions, and AMI rollout processes, while seamlessly integrating with major meter head-ends in our target markets.


Fluentgrid UHES supports multiple meter vendors in a single application. It supports meter reading for meters with multiple communication technologies. It is completely dynamic in nature to add and read any data sets and parameters on the fly. It supports full-stack DLMS protocol and other standard protocols like EURIDIS, MODBUS, M-Bus as per requirement

Fluentgrid MDMS is interoperable with various HES and MDAS vendors using different file formats and standards. It supports importing master data from existing systems or manual feeding. It provides configurable Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) rules that in turn provide maximum flexibility based on utility requirement

Fluentgrid SPM is the first such solution in India. No other vendor supports multiple billing logics based on utility requirements. It supports simple to very complex utility tariff schemes with a robust calculation engine. It maintains vast amount of consumer history and account ledgers

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Powering global digital transformation in energy, utilities, and smart cities, Fluentgrid offers leading-edge software solutions. With CMMI L5, ISO compliant processes, our 20 years of expertise drive sustainable, cost-effective solutions for seamless business transformation.

As your reliable partner, we are dedicated to shaping a brighter future together

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Fluentgrid CRM™

Fluentgrid CRM offers an integrated customer communication toolset for continuous engagement with utility consumers. The CRM features include multi-channel contact center, social media monitoring, push notifications, bulk messaging, chat and voice bots besides Alexa and Google Assistant apps enabling new age digital consumer experience.

Roadmap for this customer experience platform includes robotic process automation to reduce staff attrition on routine tasks and artificial intelligence to stay connected with consumers, just when needed.