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Fluentgrid leads global digital transformation in energy, utilities, and smart cities via robust software solutions. Our proven COTS products cater to commercial, operational, and analytical needs of utilities and communities. Noteworthy products like CIS, MDMS, and Actilligence® feature in Gartner and Guidehouse Insight reports. CMMI L5, ISO compliant process frameworks drive on-time, sustainable solutions. Backed by over two decades of expertise, our robust products and frameworks ensure seamless customer business transformation with lower TCO and faster RoI.

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Value Proposition

Focused on smart energy and infrastructure sectors. Over two decades of domain expertise in these focus areas

Robust products matured from hands-on field expertise making them easy to use and faster to implement

The whole nine yards from consulting to solution design to implementation and support from a single vendor

We ensure customer satisfaction with unwavering support and 100% success rate in implementing projects since inception

Future-proof technology solutions with home grown products. Lower TCO and faster RoI


Power Utilities


Smart cities


Million Consumers

Success Stories

Upcoming gas supplier in UK chooses NXTER
Entice Energy (www.enticeenergy.com) is a new gas retailer based in Central Derby, UK.
World’s largest utility billing solution on Cloud
Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. (UPPCL) is the transmission and distribution utility
Largest CIS deployment on cloud executed in record time
UPPCL is the power transmission and distribution utility of the largest state in India

Power & Utility Solutions

Future-proof smart energy solutions with utility operations center powered by Actilligence.

City & Infrastructure Solutions

Pioneering technology solutions integrated with command and control center for seamless digital transformation


We believe our business, technology and implementation partners are the key to deliver on our promises.



Fluentgrid CIS offers full control over utility operations, seamlessly integrating service connection life cycle (new connections, disconnections, reconnections) with meter-to-cash life cycle (metering, billing, payments, collections, revenue accounting). This off-the-shelf product can be rapidly customized for any utility globally.

It includes built-in revenue protection features to manage theft/fraud, exceptions, legal cases, and energy audits, ensuring assured returns. The system also extends to service request management (trouble calls) and web/mobile self-service.


Simplified registration for every type of service connections and multiple customer categories

Meter life cycle management from store to scrap with audit trail

Diverse billing scenarios covering tariff, additional charges, deposits, interest on deposit, levelled billing and many more

Unified window for bills and miscellaneous payments covering all modes of payment through multiple channels

STS6 compliant vending system to generate tokens to recharge, clear credit and perform other activities on prepaid electricity meters

Exhaustive reporting system with dashboard, KPIs & ranking and trend analysis

Web and mobile customer self-service access to summary of all accounts with bill amount, due date, tariff, consumption history, bill history and payments

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Powering global digital transformation in energy, utilities, and smart cities, Fluentgrid offers leading-edge software solutions. With CMMI L5, ISO compliant processes, our 20 years of expertise drive sustainable, cost-effective solutions for seamless business transformation.

As your reliable partner, we are dedicated to shaping a brighter future together

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Fluentgrid CRM™

Fluentgrid CRM offers an integrated customer communication toolset for continuous engagement with utility consumers. The CRM features include multi-channel contact center, social media monitoring, push notifications, bulk messaging, chat and voice bots besides Alexa and Google Assistant apps enabling new age digital consumer experience.

Roadmap for this customer experience platform includes robotic process automation to reduce staff attrition on routine tasks and artificial intelligence to stay connected with consumers, just when needed.