Swift response to trace, test and isolate patients and their contacts to break the chain is the key to win the fight against epidemics like COVID-19. This process should continue until there is a cure for this disease and this epidemic is eradicated completely through vaccination.

We recommend an integrated approach for dealing with such crises, referred to as 3TMEM, as explained below. The 3TMEM approach involves:

  • TRACE all the possible suspects, either those with symptoms or those who may have met corona positive people, with special focus on people with travel history to affected areas. Enable citizens to self-diagnose and report suspects.
  • TEST the suspects to isolate corona positive people and quarantine the rest. Repeat tests on people during quarantine. Post-quarantine, tag the people and their homes for observation.
  • TREAT those under isolation until they test negative. Record treatment protocol and analyse patient response. Use telemedicine to treat those under self-quarantine or home isolation. Move discharged people to quarantine and repeat tests to detect possible recurrence. Safely perform last rites to the deceased with a standard protocol.
  • MOBILIZE medical and field staff to attend to emergencies, test suspects, move patients and suspects to isolation/quarantine centers, ensure availability of medical supplies, ensure food and other essential supplies during lockdown and so on.
  • ENGAGE with citizens through robocalls, text messaging, chatbots, mobile apps, public address systems, public LED displays and other channels to educate, motivate and even warn them to follow the instructions to prevent the crisis during lockdowns.
  • MONITOR the situation across a given territory to tag and link all positive cases and suspects, identify clusters and hotspots, analyze trends, patterns and factors affecting the same, attend to citizen grievances and monitor KPIs that help assess the current stage of the epidemic to trigger relevant SOPs.

Fluentgrid Epidemic Response Center™ (ERC) offers an integrated solution to execute these actions seamlessly in integration with various pre-existing solutions and apps. Fluentgrid teams can swiftly configure and integrate the ERC solution to meet the current needs, including the citizen and field service mobile apps, citizen self-service portal, emergency contact center, data visualizations, analytical dashboards, and the necessary KPIs, incident types and SOPs.

Besides, our subject matter experts and solution architects who had been scanning the progress of pandemic and global best practices are at your service to suggest and implement appropriate tools and SOPs for effective ways to gather and analyze data and resolve incidents.



Fluentgrid ERC™ facilitates preparation for any eventuality, monitoring the situation, commanding the people and resources to address the situation, controlling the spread of epidemic and engaging with citizens. Its primary benefits are to ensure:

  • Adherence to uniform standard operating procedures (SOPs) in fighting the epidemic especially for critical phases like Testing, Tracing and Treatment
  • Availability of people, facilities and supplies to fight the epidemic and offer logistics help where needed
  • Coordinated tracing of people across a given territory for faster isolation and quarantine to prevent disease spread
  • Standardization of data reporting and to simplify information sharing thereby saving precious time and avoiding mistakes
  • Analysis of epidemic data in correlation with other data points to uncover new insights, forecast disease spread and simulate worst-case scenarios.


The primary elements of Fluentgrid ERC solution are:

  • Integrated Command Control Center (ICCC) for real time monitoring, analytics, command and control
  • Field Responder Mobile App for staff and volunteers on the field to trace suspects, quarantine them, conduct field risk assessment survey, move to isolation centers, handle logistics, feed the needy, and so on.
  • Citizen Mobile App and Chatbots for citizen engagement, self-diagnosis, telemedicine, quarantine reporting and tracking, enlisting volunteers, donations, SOS, etc.,
  • Citizen Portal for information dissemination, quarantine reporting, self-diagnosis, donations, SOS, open data, etc.,
  • Emergency Contact Center to report incidents, seek help, automated conference calling for telemedicine and quarantine tracking, bulk messaging over phone, SMS, social media and other channels.
  • NoQ – Queue Management System is a highly effective tool to enforce social distancing allowing citizens to avoid queues and visit a hospital, common service center, ration shop, or any other public place at a pre-scheduled time slot.


Fluentgrid Actilligence™ is the leading COTS product platform that accelerates the delivery of integrated command and control center (ICCC) solutions for smart cities and Epidemic Response Center (ERC) solutions for governments across the world. The platform facilitates quick & easy configuration and customization and an outstanding ability to integrate with any system or device to address emergency situations.

It facilitates easy integration of 3rd party products, solutions, and devices with open APIs. The product’s platform architecture is inherently scalable to ever-increasing users, devices, integrations, data and processing demands.
For more information, visit Fluentgrid-Actilligence



Most recently, Fluentgrid implemented the advanced integrated command and control centers for Visakhapatnam, Lucknow, and Kochi as part of the Indian National Smart Cities Mission. We are working with these city administrators to fight the COVID-19 pandemic through technology enablement in the form of Epidemic Response Centers.
We are ready to extend our support to other cities, states, and nations to establish a centralized epidemic command center to effectively control the COVID-19 pandemic and to address such occurrences in future.

Please get in touch with us at actilligence@fluentgrid.com